I’ve fallen and I thought I couldn’t get up or, at least, I didn’t want to get up. I was involved in a heart-wrenching karmic relationship, a connection so deep, no Godly force could tell me any different. There are three main types of soul couplings: karmic, companion, twin-flame. I was convinced I met my twin flame.

A Karmic relationship is often confused with a soulmate or a twin flame. The connection is very similar, as you might feel this sudden spark of excitement when you’ve first come in contact with the person. You have a deep sense of familiarity and comfort as if you’ve known this person for years, perhaps in another lifetime. It is being lost in the woods, only to find a house that appears exactly as yours; you walk in and you feel right at home; a feeling of longing, only to be held by the right pair of arms.  A kiss you no need to adapt, because each others lips fit perfectly together. A voice as soothing as a familiar childhood song. There is more feeling than doing in these relationships – it is much easier to feel the connection than to speak of it. These relationships are intense, alluring, heart-racing yet comforting and soothing at once.

Although we want karmic connections to be, they are not soul-mates, they are not twin flames.  Everything we do in life is karmic in nature; our kin, romantic + platonic relationships alike are karmic in nature. Our past-life relationships have influences in our present day karma and because of this, we cannot admit that all past-life relationships were perfect + happy, as we cannot admit that all our current relationships are the same. Because of our past-life relationships, we connect to certain individuals,  certain relationships, quickly nd forcefully like a magnet. You have no idea what this force is pulling you two together, but the energy between you two is strong.

This energy lingers on from past life into current lives and must be cleansed. Because we are living with “dirty energy”, it can be difficult to continue your soul purpose + soul mission, it can be difficult to have complete happiness in your life. Those with “dirty energy” in regards to relationships often fall in relationships that they feel extremely insecure with self and their partner – in order to move forwards and upwards, we must detox ourselves spiritually from these comfortable + familiar, but dangerous connections.

Karmic connections generally involve a lot of heartaches, disagreements arguments, resentments + happiness. They are not meant to last as they are not always healthy relationships. Nonetheless, each relationship should be met with genuine, unconditional love.


  • A very intense attraction
  • They are always on your mind even when you don’t notice they are.
  • A feeling of nervousness when the other is near
  • Constant doubting if the other loves you, yet you know they love you.
  • An addiction to sex, drugs, drinking, etc.
  • Arguments resulting in sex.
  • Changing your likes + personality for them
  • Restricted financially
  • Takes but does not give.
  • All kinds of abuse
  • Physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc.
  • Selfishness toward responsibility
  • Never letting go of past hurt
  • Bringing up old relationships
  • Jealousy
  • Rage
  • Sudden outbursts of anger
  • Damaging property
  • Isolation
  • Where it is difficult to connect with friends or family
  • Name calling
  • Ignoring of feelings
  • Weight Loss/Gain
  • Connecting for sex, ignoring you shortly after.
  • Lies
  • Even when they get caught, they continue to lie.
  • Cheating
  • Social aggression
  • Wants all your attention or dislikes the attention you receive which results in arguments.
  • Obsession/Borderline-Stalking
  • Breakups
  • You break up, they cry, you cry, you get back together + repeat.
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue

Many times we find ourselves in these relationships when one doesn’t want to be in a relationship. It is a confusing connection, because it is so intense, you two are inseparable, however one might not be ready for commitment. The so-called love is there, but there is doubt. These relationships are hard to let go of, because of the amazing times you spend. Many times you hear things like the following:

  • “I don’t want a relationship”
  • “It is not you, it is me”
  • “You are too good for me, don’t waste your time”
  • “I’m not ready for love”
  • “I’m not loveable”
  • ‘Don’t call me I will call you”
  • “I’m just too busy for a partner”
  • “You don’t really want me”
  • “Can’t we just be friends?”

All of these common statements + questions are not negative in nature, however in context with an individual who you feel is your soulmate, where you spend all of your time + energy with, it is contradictory to the emotions and energy that are present. These statements are warnings and excuses. Look at the early signs and trust your intuition, not necessarily your conscious emotions.

Soul mates are always karmic, but karmic connections are not always soulmates. They both are spirits that you’ve connected with in past lifetimes, however soul-mates bring love to you, in areas that may of have been loved yet. Karmic connections are familiar, but not necessarily always positive. Trust self, trust messages, and trust warning signs. All relationships are lessons to be learned and not to be avoided as it aids us on our journey of growth.