Stress is an illusion that affects our reality. I say this to mean, it is not something we consume, we inhale, it is not something we hold or we give. We create our own stress and allow for it to continue.

As children of Afraka, we suffer from post traumatic slave syndrome, coined by Dr. Joy DeGruy. PTSS is due to the multigenerational traumas from the Maafa (Both Arab and European involvement of the enslavement of Afrakans). As our we are our ancestors, ancestral DNA and memory is passed down over the years, spiritually and unintentionally through repeated behaviors.

As we are under the rule of white malignancy/savagery/racism/, we are confined by the illusionary limitations told by those in power. These boundaries are not only invisible, they are not real in the sense we have the power to remove these boundaries. However, this illusion effects our reality and in turn affects our subconscious and behavior. Our psyches (spirits) are drowned in the poisons of the illusionary and false superiority of an infantile inferior race and for that we gain mental and physical illnesses. What we think affects how we act. Our mental health affects our physical health.


  • Financial difficulties
  • Lack of positive influences and personal relationships (kinship, romantic, platonic)
  • Childhood traumas
  • Death of a loved one
  • Poor health


As we know, living under such restrictive conditions, economic hardships are a big issue in our communities. Where Afrakans specifically in America have an  average income is $35,416 compared to white American’s income of $59,754, fighting financial difficulties is nothing of our nature, but something conditioned. We strive for having quantity over quality and are then bamboozled into buying accessories and not essentials. With propaganda, specifically music, it teaches the youth at a very young age to be materialistic. Parents are then compelled to buy these things for their families, to avoid being ridiculed or judged.

Once we realize that promissory notes are not true wealth, and instead participate in gaining resources (land, gold, silver, precious stones and minerals), we can recreate our own economy instead of relying on an economic system that was created to disenfranchise us. We have the ability to gain wealth, not only through the capitalistic “Black Business”, but through a more Afrakan centered way of communal economics (i.e. bartering).


Referring back to PTSS, our communities as we know it lack trust and unification. This is not because of our inability to trust, but because of the conditions put on us to cause this mentality. Due to these traumas, we carry the mentality to insult and beat down our own; subconsciously. Whether it is name-calling, extreme disciplinary actions on our children, many of the ways how we treat our communities stems from the conditioning of the treatment of our Ancestors. Although not all households engage in aggressive behavior, we cannot ignore the psychological effect of restrictions of abilities (where some children have their intelligence insulted) and the environmental effects (where many of our communities are in confinement {project housings}).

A way to relief such stress of living conditions and psychological abuse is to one reinstate that Black Love is an essential factor of life. We must show love, appreciation and gratitude not only to our Elders but to those who we bring life to; our children. The fight is not for the individual, but for the village. If those whom we are fighting for are mentally disturbed due to traumas and abuse, the work can be undone. Positive communication, village-like educational systems, and just a positive physical touch can make a difference in anyone’s life. Tell your family you love them, not only when they do good for you.

As Black Men are the protector of the family, the enslavement of Afrakans prohibited him from protecting his families from lynchings, whippings and raping. This now relates to the lack of protection of Black families, because Black men are forced into prisons and are taught that they have limited choices in their adulthood careers (music, sports or other entrainment, death or political enslavement/prison). Afrakans are taught to believe that they are not Afrakan, but instead American. Because of this, we do not feel a kinship connection between each other. This creates the lack of loyalty and trust within the community.Although ‘Black on Black Crime’ is not as high as white intraracial crimes (whites killed by whites from 2012-2013 were 6,484,507 compared to Blacks killed by Blacks 4,097,971, (Bureau of Justice Statistics)), propaganda is used to make both Afrakans and non-Afrakans believe we are violent, savage people amongst ourselves. With the lack of loyalty, anything goes; as intraracial crime is promoted and supported through media, we are conditioned to believe that we are our own enemy.

Supporting, promoting and creating positive propaganda for our communities won’t erase the traumas, but won’t continue them either. We must remind ourselves and our people that we not what they make us be and we must correct destructive behaviors before they evolve into mass-destruction.


Although we are not all blood-related, modern-day lynchings or police brutality does a number on our spirits. We are constantly filled with images of murders of people who look like us. this constant imagery creates hopelessness and despair in the community, where some give up on life, although not always the physical flesh. Constant reposting of videos of murdered Afrakans, news reports of weekly killings and kidnappings creates a new trauma and fear. People are now afraid to live. If it is not our brothers and sisters all over the diaspora, it is our blood-related family members who are killed by both intruders (white supremacists + co.) as well as Afrakans who are used as tools and fools of white supremacy, to engage in such intraracial violence. We are living in a war state without an army; a genocidal era.


What we eat affects how we think. If we fill our bodies with dead flesh, we become the dead flesh. Consuming products that are meant for other species (milk for cows, goats, and other mammals) create hormonal imbalances. In order for a cow to produce milk, the cow must be pregnant. The hormones in the milk are specified and beneficial to their calves. Cow milk has over 60 different hormones (Dr. Hyman); we should not be adding excess foreign hormones into our bodies. GMO foods, flesh, and other animal products should be avoided, as it has no true nutritional value. Many of the food products we eat here in America have been banned elsewhere. For example, according to Wausa News:

“Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) is the largest selling dairy animal drug in America. RBGH is a synthetic version of natural bovine somatotropin (BST), a hormone produced in cows’ pituitary glands.Monsanto developed the recombinant version from genetically engineered E. coli bacteria and markets it under the brand name “Posilac.””

Eating foods that come with nutritional values, not only physically, but also spiritually, can reverse the effects of stress. Nutritional healers/scientists such as Queen Afua, Dr. Sebi, Minister Enqi, Born Mastermind Allah and Dr. Llaila Afrika are great examples to look into for a better nutritional lifestyle.


The best way to rid of stress is to remove the contributors of stress. As we know white supremacy is the cause of all destruction, in order for us to remove the effects we must go to the cause. However, this requires grounding, balance, and healing within or own circles. We must love ourselves before we initiate any attack on another; we must form a family, an army, to join a war, otherwise we are participating in a genocide; we have the key to change the world. We are the Change we seek.

  • Asking for guidance + protection from ancestors and beyond.
  • Write down your thoughts: make a list of pros and cons of w situation and balance them out.
  • Speak to trusted friends and families. Keeping your troubles within you only causes more stress; express yourself.
  • Creative activity. Do things you enjoy, stimulate your mind.
  • Focus on the present, but do not ignore your past and manifest your future.
  • Promote blood flow and exercise. Keep your body busy and in shape.
  • Meditate and practice ancient forms of yoga.
  • Use guided imagery and soothing music.
  • Take part in aromatherapy.