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We met again for the first time in this lifetime. Memorable, I was eager to shake your hand But then again, wanted to feel much more. From that moment on I could confidently ask;“Do we know each other from somewhere?”Still, it required lessons, teachings and reviewsTo really get to you. I danced...

Cultural Amnesia | Army Ants

One day there will be a tale about a group of individuals who were a reflection of the Creators themselves. These individuals were connected to each other, the natural world and the Universe as a whole. They created things unimaginable, with little to no effort. They were a spectacular group of...

Broken Home

I was raised in a household with both parents present. Just like any other family, there were struggles such as economic hardships, the usual bickering between parent-child, sibling-sibling and parent-parent. Although I was raised in an urban community, the household was dominated by two...

Duty, My Behind

Jury duty is considered an essential service that needs to be completed by all U.S. citizens. Many people dread the day that they will receive that hard-paper summons in the mail. However, there are a few number of people who considerably enjoy performing this so-called patriotic service. I am not...