We met again for the first time in this lifetime.
Memorable, I was eager to shake your hand
But then again, wanted to feel much more.
From that moment on I could confidently ask;
“Do we know each other from somewhere?”

Still, it required lessons, teachings and reviews
To really get to you.
I danced with the idea of loving you.
Ideation turned into operation;
Yet we operated on different terms,
On different planes,
In very different ways.
You were my mirror in reverse.

From rented white sheets to lived in couches
We explored as much as we could
With the time we had.
Our love was seasoned, for a season
I’m honored to have experience it firsthand.
My knees quivered on the first day
As it did in on the last.
My tears watered when we first laid
Down on the loveseat, looking at the skyline across the edge of the water,
As it did when we said our goodbyes.

My feelings, cyclical, but always true.
And in my truest of trues, I know it to be you.