One day there will be a tale about a group of individuals who were a reflection of the Creators themselves. These individuals were connected to each other, the natural world and the Universe as a whole. They created things unimaginable, with little to no effort. They were a spectacular group of beings.

Their skin glistened, smiles bright, wide and pure. Their hair curled into its strands, warming and coiling into little versions of polynucleotides. They were divine. Civilizations were created based on their scientific and spiritual systems, which were one in the same. They took what their Creators provided them with and shaped the world we have today.

They were supreme. How dare we downplay their greatness by using mere words such as king or queen? They were energy itself. Energy in motion, emotional people they were. The balance between divine hate and divine love was never tipped over – until it did. How could it be, the Creators children themselves found themselves in a hopeless situation. They were warned – several times. But still, opened their arms to those who were not of this world. These aliens manipulated and played on their natural gifts, their genuine love, to their advantage. These aliens created more aliens, and some overpowered these intelligent beings to lay and move with them. Still, they kept their arms open, expecting the aliens to be human like themselves. They were not. 3,500 years later, the once great individuals found themselves circling into each other. Eating the next for survival.

How could this be? That one of the most group of divine beings now found themselves in a circle of death.